Help said the parent

Why is asking for help so hard? Its almost that we just don’t want to admit parenting or life In general is hard. Are we afraid our reputation will be hurt if we can’t do everything on our own? ” Can you believe their nerve? Why my mother never asked for help even though she was training to go to the Olympics she still had dinner ready every night and laundry completed.” Ummm your mom was a robot. Think about building a house. The architect doesn’t build the house all on his own. He gets help. He hires a crew. He brings in specialist, electricians and plumbers. Or at minimum gets a pickup truck full of immigrants. Jesus needed the disciples to carry his gospel….and God also gave us prayer. He might of known what parents could expect or how difficult marriage is at times. “Oh they’ll be fine.” For some reason, as I wrote that quote I heard that said with a Santa voice. 

Anyway, I love how Jim Gaffigan talks about having multiple children. “Imagine you are drowning and then someone hands you a baby.” lol How accurate is that! My daughter has made so much progress over this past year. We can tell she is listening and thinking. She has a few more words in her vocabulary…and then we have new challenges. She has started hitting her baby brother. In all fairness, he has no understanding of personal space. Some of those hits are simply to get this little critter out of her bubble. He will even cry or get upset if we are holding Teagan instead of him. I told him to stop being such a baby…but well he is still a baby. The ones that really get us as parents are when she runs up to him while he is playing all on his own and she smacks his head just to get a reaction. And then she immediately runs away to try and get away with it…but the screaming baby kind of gave it away. Nice try kid. 

I recently had a conversation with my mom and she admitted there were times where even she cried while trying to homeschool my sisters. If your anything like me then you think of your mom as supermom. Like if Chuck Norris was a woman he definitely would have been a mom like yours. Jesus said in this world you will have trouble. Yep. Its ok to ask for help. Sometimes we don’t even know what help would even look like or how to ask for it. This was/is exactly where my wife and I are. What ever you have, even if it’s not pretty, bring it to God. My prayer in this season has simply been God give us help. Bring people to help us. Provide, friends, family, specialized help for our special needs daughter. God help us this is overwhelming. Do I need to get a new job where I travel less? Help. Start by asking God and letting him direct you. 

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you tell us to not be afraid because you are with us. You alone know exactly how difficult our situation is. We dont even know how to ask for help or what it should even look like. Please send what we need. You are the perfect provider. You know all of our needs before we even ask. God please bring help. Bring people and come beside us. Raise us righteous helpers who can show us your love and given us rich community. Lord help. Lord please also remove the fear associated with our situation. Both the fear of asking others for help and the fear that comes from being in this season of life. Holy Spirit you know our need. Please direct the help we need and even direct us in how to look at help. Thank you for your never ending faithfulness. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.


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