We have started this nightly routine with our daughter. This is that pretty little girl that believes sleep is a punishment. She talks and screams and bounces and just about everything other than sleep. Our new routine is night time worship. She has this cloth swing in her room that hangs from the ceiling. For kids with Autism it provides vestibular(look it up)  input that they might not otherwise be getting.  We play the worship and I place princess into her swing and push her as we worship. Its amazing how God just meets you. Even though it’s not an original song we composed, even though we are cheating and using pandora, He still accepts this musical offering. I can’t tell you how often He meets me. I thought we were doing this for my daughter. And we are. She doesn’t fight the transition into the crib and often goes to sleep quicker. It’s amazing what happens when God shows up. Suddenly, my frustrating day is just wiped away. The emotional baggage of parenting a child with special needs or the demands of work aren’t so intimidating. It’s been very life giving.

I decided to ask God why worship. Why do you show up in praises? I always feel God more in worship than in sermons. Even the really good ones. And He answered my question. He said because music is life. That was his answer. And as I meditated on that answer He began to expand upon that. What is music? Its words and sounds that have come together to create something more. They create a message, an atmosphere and emotions. All of existence came from the word of God. He spoke and His words created the universe. We are all creations of His word. When we worship our little creative words merge with His big living creative words. Its like a river pouring into the ocean. The creation creating connections with the Creator. How freaking cool is that?

Prayer: Lord, thank you for being a God that is near. You meet us where we are and accept our worship even if it’s more noise than substance. Thank you for knowing us and our circumstances. You don’t allow  our struggles to prevent our prayers and worship from reaching your ears. And thank you for your sweet presence that comes and changes our situations. 


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