Cooking with Jesus

I have a confession. Now don’t laugh at my moment of vulnerability, but I can’t make pancakes. It’s the flip. It’s almost always a flop. And part of that is the technique. But even more than that it’s the timing. I am an action person. When I’m “cooking” I want to be doing. You see those cooking shows where they are balancing 5 things at once. They are chopping and pouring and stirring and just magnificent doing. And I have trouble with the just let it cook. I have the chopping and the stirring down, but the wait. Oh that dreaded waiting. And the waiting is the hardest when things are cooking. When the situation is hot and the lid is on, it needs to simmer and bask in the pressure. The only thing the meal needs is the time to become itself. And I hate the pressure of the moments. I want the waiting to be over and I know we aren’t talking about food preparation anymore, but heart preparation. When we are uncomfortable and under pressure all we want is it to end. But that pressure is what makes the popcorn pop. Its what brings out the flavor. Its what makes those cold things yummy hot things. And Jesus, well He doesn’t have issues with waiting. He knows exactly how long the pancake needs to cook before flipping the situation… I mean the pancake over. Oh He’s good.


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