Road Trip!

I was able to take my family with me on my most recent trip to Nashville. I love road trips. Honestly, I just love traveling. I do have some recommendations for road signs though. You get the road sign that tells you the gas station or rest stop is approaching in a few miles. I feel like they also need to include the consequences of not stopping. Maybe like a “Rest Stop 2 miles…or else.” Maybe a warning that this is the last possible humane place to relieve your bladder within 100 miles. That might be nice. After mile marker 25 those bushes on the side of the road don’t seem so bad. “It’s good enough for the animals.”

The highlight of the trip back was when my daughter got her finger caught in her Starbucks water cup lid. You know the hole in the plastic lid fast food drinks have for the straw to fit through similar to a Chinese finger trap. This must be the American finger trap. 

My wife and I also had a diaper changing race. I had Teagan and she had Evin. She was clearly in the lead because of how difficult it was to get Teagan to sit still.But my baby boy gave me an assist in the end. After his diaper was on he tried to roll over which gave me enough time to lift Teagan up by the pants to get her pants back on. Score for the daddy.

My daughter also does this thing where she says no a bunch of times in a row, but each time with a different tone or inflection. “No. NO! NooOOoo.” 

It was difficult for the wife to be in the hotel while I worked. But it was so nice bringing home with me. Happy holidays. We don’t really have too many traditions in our household, but the one we do have is family. 

Prayer: Lord Jesus thank you for the amazing family you have given us. Thank you for those related and those who are family in the faith. May we take time to truly appreciate this gift and allow us to be a blessing to them. In Jesus name, Amen.


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