First world problems

I’m traveling for work again this week. I’m at the Starbucks right outside of my gate terminal and I get to the counter. This is the adult candy factory. My mouth starts to water. I proudly announce my drink with gitty coffee eagerness. And I am told their machine is down they can’t make frappacinos. Well cancel the whole trip! I’m calling work and telling them I can’t make it. I can’t live in these kind of conditions. This is 2016. They have cell phones that can control your TV. You can order a Starbucks from the app and you can take a snap chat and give yourself silly looking eyes while you order your drink. We have sent a man to Mars…in a few movies. We can read the bible right on our phones and have it read to me (in case I’m lazy) . We have watches that can receive and send text messages (eat your heart out Dick Tracy). We can do business with people half way around the world or at the office I’m too lazy to drive to. They made a Netflix reboot of full house and you are telling me you can’t freeze my coffee. Ok I’ll take it hot. 

Be thankful because the world right now is full of amazing. #GodIsGood


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