We are gardens

I’m not referring to that stubble that needs to be shaved from your face or the pressing need for a hair cut. ​So maybe some of us are gardens in multiple ways. But I’m referring to sowing and reaping of mental fruit. And no Sudoku doesn’t count. What goes in must come out. Umm you have that wrong, right? Nope. And no I’m not refering to dropping the kids off at the pool. We are gardens. What is sown into us will come out of us. Do you seriously think the T.V. shows we watch and the music we listen to or the social media we consume doesn’t effect us. It absolutely does. Why else do I want to purchase skinny jeans or say things like ” that’s what she said.”

It’s easy to see this with food. Healthy food leads to healthy bodies and increased energy. Junk food increases spare tires, love handles, fatigue, junk in the trunk and indigestion. And many more sayings designed to make gaining weight sound like a pleasant experience because after all there is more to love. With an emphasis on the “More.” 

If what we put into ourselves comes out, then how do we get the good stuff in. And no in this context the walking dead and game of thrones does not equal the good stuff. Yes, they are addicting. Paul said what ever is good, whatever is pure, whatever is noble…think on these. 

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

Philippians 4:8 ESV

Paul knew the connection between our thoughts and who we become. We become like those people we spend time with. There was a study that proved our minds react to TV characters as if they were real relationships. This is good and bad. It’s why we are so moved by what happens to characters in season 6 when they lose their memory and move out of the county taking only their trusty dog who is really their neighbors dog, but they don’t know because they lost their memory. *sniffle* 

This is part of our community nature. God designed us this way. You know the whole made in Our image business. God is a community (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). It’s part of why christian fellowship is so important in the life of a believer. I’ve read books about making wealth and a few of them suggested that the quickest way to become a million is to spend time with other millionaires. (By the way if you happen to have a millionaire friend tell them to call me. We need to hang out.haha just kidding, but seriously have them call me.) You learn the habits and mindsets that got them to become millionaires by spending time with them. This is why books by financial experts and business professionals sell. People want to become like them. 

If I’m honest I don’t believe it’s possible to completely separate ourselves from entertainment and pop culture. What? Bow Ties are cool. And no my face won’t cooperate with the growth of the handle bar mustachio. We live in an age where knowledge is literally at our finger tips. “Hey google, what is a group of cowboys called?” BTW it’s a posse if they are law enforcement/ deputized. You can look up everything from how to clip your dog’s nails to how to fix your own car. Just don’t try to do them at the same time. You might end up fixing your dog by mistake. 

The extreme is complete isolation.*flashback to playing hide and go seek as a kid. Where you couldn’t stop giggling when someone couldn’t find you. But because you started giggling they found you. Seriously, what was my problem.* It’s where we step back and refuse to be involved in the world. I don’t believe this is the right approach either. Their is a need for christian influences in the world. You might need to step back for a season, but not as a lifestyle. 

Take time to give your thoughts to God. The scripture talks about renewing our minds. The more we spend with God the more we will become like him. This is why worship is so powerful. We place ourselves in a posture to embrace him. We put him first before ourselves.

It’s important to be mindful of our impact to the lives of those around you. Remember how your spouse said it wasn’t funny after your child started to repeat the word butt over and over and over again like an obscene amount of times because you said you were going to spank their butt if they didn’t listen. #ParentingFail. It was a little funny. The point is your kids, spouse and anyone you spend reasonable amount of time with will take on your influence. If all you have is the big bang theory or NCIS running around your head, then you won’t have much to give. You might be able to solve a crime or spout pi to the 11th digit. But that’s not always helpful. We are the first representation of God that our children will ever have. Will they learn of God’s character from us? And it doesn’t end with our kids. 

Sometimes we aren’t aware of what’s in our cup until it’s tipped over. How do you react in those painful or disappointing moments? Are you cursing? Defeated? Reacting with faith? Side note: I like to say the word Expletive instead of actually saying an Expletive/curse word. It makes me laugh. “Holy Expletive that hurt!” And were back….These are all results of those mental investments we have been making. If you’re currently hopeless…then you need to spend more time with hope. Give God the time to make you amazing. Then you can help others simply by being you.Bam! Drop the Mic. 


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