Howdy Partner

Behind most good men is a great woman. I’m no different. My wife is exceptional. And I’m not just talking about her cooking. She has this laugh that instantly makes her known. Early on it felt amazing to get her laugh machine going. A friend once said it was like a machine gun. I was hooked. Any chance I got to make her laugh I took.

For all that I accomplish at work, I know I couldn’t do it without her. Our life isn’t easy. Raising a 9 month old and a non-verbal 4 year old diagnosed with autism is enough to cause all of your hairs to either spontaneously turn grey or simply give up and fall out completely. As parents we are supposed to lie and pretend we figured out the magic solution to making this all look easy. This is tough. We are talking about tougher than trying to do your taxes in Chinese while the only Chinese you know is kung poa and kung fu. And to be fair parenting is difficult period. Your child doesn’t have to have special needs for this to be difficult. 

This morning we had a lazy day in bed. It was super sweet. There was my angelic wife she was cuddling our chubby cherubim son, Evin. I had my sweet little Teagan on my side of the bed. It was just a nice moment. My daughter realized that we weren’t being active enough on this lazy Sunday morning. Being the extremely considerate young lady that she is she fix this by starting to flop around. And smash! That crunching sound was the back of my daughter’s head slamming into my face. 

 My wife stays at home with our children and clearly she has the more difficult job. My job has annual reviews and I can get direct feedback on how I’m doing. I can take vacation days and get help in projects. That’s a bit harder for my wife. My wife’s annual review is when our kids make it to another birthday. Well your mom kept you alive another year kid. When I get home and she needs a break, well that’s usually me watching the kids, but then she doesn’t get to spend the time she needs with her husband. She makes just as much of a sacrifice for my job as I do if not more. 

I just want To honor her. Sometimes it’s important to let those hero’s in your life know how insanely important they are. My wife is my She-ro. Thank you for encouraging me in my dreams. You are so talented and creative. My home is and will always be wherever you are. It’s kind of wierd I get home and then you leave me with the kids and my home took off to get Starbucks. To my amazing wife who makes my heart pitter patter, Thank You. A thousand times thank you. And thanks for keeping the mini-me’s alive.

Take a moment to tell those who are important what they mean to you. It might be what they needed to hear.


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