Gentle Giant

He said, “God has given you a dream that has been sitting dormant for 12 years.”

My wife received a call last night from a friend who walks in the prophetic at church.My wife is in this residence program at our church. We go to the Upper Room in Dallas. I don’t know if you believe in prophecy, but when God gives your secrets to a stranger it’s a little difficult to ignore.

Anyway this guy named Lee from her class calls my wife to speak to me. He said every time I interact with your wife God has been speaking to me about you. 

I mean what do you say to that? Ok, let me have it? *insert confused voice and shrug here* 

He told me about this dream that was literally dying to come out. He saw me as a gentle giant of the kingdom with kingly gifting. And he mentions this dream God gave me being dormant for 12 years. I’m trying to think about 12 years ago. What was I doing? And what dream? 

So my wife and I do what anyone living in 2016 would do and we start googling 2004. Then we start thinking about how we met, what social media sites we used. This was pre-Facebook.  That’s right it was before your book had a face. This was also before myspace. That space wasn’t your yet. The site we used was Xanga. 12 years ago I had a blog that many people said spoke to them. I even had an offer from a small faith based newsletter to give me a column. This was that dream literally dying inside me. 

2016 I’m married to an amazing Queen. I have a 4 year old daughter who was diagnosed with autism and an eight month old son who laughs when I enter the room. Ok so maybe he laughs at everything. But I’m saying Yes and this time it’s us. My family included.
Prayer:Jesus, you are the savior of dreams. When man forgets or losses his way, you don’t. You simply redeem. I say yes today to those promises forgotten. I say yes to this adventure. Let’s have some fun, make new friends and do awesome things.


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